3rd Get your mind to it! In addition to real estate, we had something called a paradigm. You mind will automatically be limited to the success or the amount of money you can achieve ... until you reach that amount. From that moment on, your mind tells you that it is not only available, it is expected! The same principle is applied in order to save … Read More

Pacquiao opened the 10th round with a brilliant counter left hook while ducking and slipping a Marquez left. The shot almost knocked Marquez down as his momentum carried him forward. Pacquiao pounced at his confounded foe with one of his vicious flurries that forced Marquez to retreat. Marquez would courageously fight back despite getting hit with … Read More

Sit and Go's are available for play online and off. The rules usually remain the same, but the style of play differs greatly. You cannot play a sit and go as you would a normal cash game. You need to get into the mind frame that this is the final table of your tournament life. There may be some that will play tightly and hope to back their way into… Read More

Can you get this kind of a pizza in a pizzeria? Most likely not. Instead you'll have to buy the ingredients at your local grocery store and make the pizza yourself. Speaking from experience, however, this can be a fun thing!All cash agen qq strategies can be divided into two groups: Short stack strategies (SSS) and Big stack strategies (BSS). Short… Read More